help! need to return letterbox taken by accident from Haytor

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help! need to return letterbox taken by accident from Haytor

#1 Post by fluffybabybunyrabbit » Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:58 pm

Hi everyone,

On a visit to Haytor Rocks a couple of weeks ago my son picked up a letterbox (poor quality plastic box with limited identification details) and I thought he was removing rubbish, so took no notice, but later - halfway to Scotland - I figured out what it was and made (somewhat interrupted) attempts to return it . I've managed to find out about this forum via a Facebook buy swap and sell group.

The details of the letterbox are: it is a poor quality plastic container with various post-it notes and a small notebook (water damaged) written by a 9 year old Norwegian Girl called Esme whose 'grandma lives near Dartmoor'. This is all the identification I can find. My son says he found it 'near the bottom of the stairs in the grass under a small overhang'.

I wondered if people could ask around in case the Grandmother or parents are forum members?

I am happy to post it to them to return to its position as I will be on the continent this time tomorrow and am not returning to the UK so can't return it personally.

Thanks in advance.

(note: some folks on the buy swap and sell group have been most uncharitable in their attitude towards my attempts to return the box. Frankly I could do without that here. It was an honest mistake by my son who has no idea what a 'letter box' is - and nor did I until now - and I was sidetracked with other matters at the time and just thought he picked up a discarded disposable lunchbox which I told him to put in the bin, although he didn't do that thankfully. As soon as I realised it had been left there deliberately I made attempts to return it but with limited mobile service and internet access (we are camping around Europe, often in remote areas) it hasn't been a quick and easy process to work out what to do. We are Australian and leaving such things around at home is illegal so it never occurred to us that it had been deliberately left there. We do have organised geocaching but that is not considered harmful to the environment so it is permitted).

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Re: help! need to return letterbox taken by accident from Haytor

#2 Post by lewis1313132 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:41 am

Hi i could sort it out for you

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