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Back :)

#1 Post by scottyplym » Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:00 am

After 5 years away from Letterboxing to concentrate on running and football, I am keen to get letterboxing again and look forward to attending the Spring Meet in a couple weeks. Has much changed with regards to Letterboxing ? Has new technology helped or hindered hunting for boxes? and there seems to be a common theft theme running through recent posts, has this improved or gotten worse?

Is it as before, to get the old, rare and less likey to be stolen boxes, a trek further in field is required?


The Restells
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#2 Post by The Restells » Sun Mar 24, 2013 4:05 pm

Hi Scott - welcome back!
Some answers - not really in 5 years - more geocaches/hybrids about, less handcuts :(, more cliplocks, less pots
GPS use has increased dramatically - in line with a bit of a deterioration in clue quality I think (but then I'm a purist!)
Theft of boxes has caused a lot of upset with many more prolific box placers going off catalogue & back to woms only, or packing up completely. There has also been the particularly vile foray into stealing the charity walks. A shame these people can't be more productive.
There's still hundreds, probably thousands out there though with the same thrill of finding the one you're looking for or even the nice surprise bonus of one you're not looking for!!
All good clean healthy outdoor fun and you could always run from box to box - dribbling a football
Stamping the moor one box at a time :)

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