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Corndon Tor

#1 Post by scottyplym » Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:58 pm

Today I took another letterboxing newby to Corndon Tor for his first Letterboxing experience. Leaving Plymouth at 12.15, after a short stop at the Yelverton coop, we reached Corndon Tor at 1pm.

It was bitter cold today and the wind was knocking 10 shades of s**t out of me all afternoon.

Parking in front of Cave Penny Cross we strolled to the left of the cross and worked our way anti clockwise around the Tor. My friend found 2 letterboxes straight away, 1 from a set that I had found only 2 days earlier on Brat Tor.

Is anyone familiar with Pitchers Tor of Dartmoor? I have now found no.15 and no.56. Are they word of mouth?

As we worked our way around we found a total of 4 letterboxes that were so badly damaged or had no stamp, we could not do nothing with them. I was half tempted to remove them from the moor. Its still a little gutting even at 32, to find a box well hidden, then to realise the stamp inside is past its best and unable to stamp.

Some boxes were even still frozen, and we had to work hard to chizzle away the ice and get a decent inprint.

We stuck just to the main Corndon tor and its neighbouring contours, and in 3.5 hours found 11 boxes today. Thats just searching, no clues, just good old fashion letterboxing! There were some very good designs on display and we stumbled across some very old ones. The Puffin boys I remember picking up in my youth and to still find a perfect " Guardian Series" box was a great find.

We did see a couple letterboxers, but they were doing a walk and we avoided the box they found, as we felt this was cheating!

Afterwards dinner and a pint of Jail ale at the Rock Inn was well deserved and another letterboxer recruited :)

Hope my review of Corndon Tor helps :)

Regards, Scott

Adam Ant
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#2 Post by Adam Ant » Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:10 am

Well done, Scott. Michelle and I went up to Corndon Tor/Yar Tor a couple of years ago and had a very disappointing time - loads of empty sites, smashed letterboxes and stolen stamps. It's good to hear that you managed to find quite a few - especially the Guardian as I spent about 2 hours looking for that one with no luck. Other than ones at Row Tor and East Mill Tor (which aren't listed in the catalogue)I'm still yet to find one of them, but I'm confident that it'll happen at one point in my life...
Adam Ant and Milty on the Moor

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