Mike Howard - A.K.A.Wobbly bootie

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Mike Howard - A.K.A.Wobbly bootie

#1 Post by Nik - KOTM » Wed Apr 18, 2007 2:11 pm

This message was passed to me and a lot of others via email and for those of you who know Mike howard I thibnk this should be passed on to you all
Mike is one of the tremendous characters who has been associated with the moor and I dare say most of us can come up with a story about him.The message is as follows:

Hi there, This message concerns Mike Howard or Wobbly Bootie who for many years came regularly to the Meet and spent a considerable amount of time on the moor. Long standing letterboxers will have collected his Commando stamps on the moor and the ones he brought to the Meet, including the 'Meet a Guest Beer' series.

The last time we spoke was at one of the 2006 Meet, when he told me he was giving up walking the moor as one of his legs 'kept letting him down'. On receipt of my clues he telehoned me and is now virtually a cripple with Motor Neuron disease. His wife was diagnosed with a brain tumour last December and died in January so he is feeling a bit lonely. I find it hard to imagine him as anything but the fit and hearty ex-commando I once knew.

If anyone wishes to contact Mike, just for a chat, please contact me (Nik) for the address or phone details. His e-mail address is inoperable at the moment due to the necessity for him to be linked with the Emergency ambulance and paramedics but I know a phone call or a letter from old friends would cheer him comnsiderably if any of you who knew him could find the time.

Sorry for the doom and gloom on such a lovely day. I can only imagine how I would feel if someone told me I wouldn't be seeing Dartmoor again.

Nik 245 to go

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