Whiteworks/Nun's Cross/Fox Tor

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Adam Ant
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Whiteworks/Nun's Cross/Fox Tor

#1 Post by Adam Ant » Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:00 pm


Michelle and I travelled to this area yesterday and had a relatively good day although we can confirm that the following boxes are missing:

Man of Kent
Hedgehog's Hibernation Box
Nun's Cross
Curried Fox (this was already reported as missing - I can confirm that it's definitely gone)
Never a Cross Word No. 07 - CHILDE'S TOMB(again: this has already been reported and we certainly couldn't find it)

On a more positive note, the following boxes are on site and in sound condition:

Never a Cross Word No. 05 - SIWARD'S CROSS
Curried Letterboxers Series No. 171
Beagles on Tor - DOUBLE TROUBLE
Predator No. 02
Fox Tor (The Pink Panthers)
Haunts of Dartmoor No. 07 - CHILDE'S TOMB
The League of Gentlmaen - T'strife Life Friendship
Little Fox Tor
Tor of Duty - LITTLE FOX TOR
Spotlight on Dartmoor - FOX TOR
Phoenix - FOX TOR

We found many sites that had clearly had boxes in in the past, but were no longer there. It does unfortunately appear that the area has been cleared of boxes. We're heading to Black Tor and Cramber Tor tomorrow and will let you know how we get on.

Thank you,
Adam Ant and Milty on the Moor

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#2 Post by Dartymoor » Fri Jun 08, 2012 5:35 am

Also confirmed as being there last week: Foxtor, with a Foxglove stamp. This is in an ammo can and the log book has dates going back almost 25 years into the 80s. Long ago ran out of space and a little damp, but the stamp is in good condition despite having been abandoned for a long time.

LBT not found that one...

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