Boxes near cranmere pool, ducks pool, fur tor

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Boxes near cranmere pool, ducks pool, fur tor

#1 Postby 3 Kentish Maids » Wed Jul 24, 2013 9:17 pm

Hi folks, a quick plea for clues really! In September I'm going to be doing a sponsored 100km walk along the Thames path for charity. Have to do it in 24 hours so need to get fit before then! Anyway, I'm doing the walk with a friend, not one of the kentish maids, but another friend, and I've convinced her that dartmoor would be a good place to do a training weekend in mid August. We'll be on the moor for three days walking so I thought we'd do cranmere pool (never got it), ducks pool and maybe fur tor the same day as cranmere pool. Looking at my maps though I don't have many boxes plotted in these areas from the catalogue and the few wom boxes I have clues for. Can't resist doing a bit of letterboxing while there, and I'll be introducing my friend jo to the hobby too as she's never even been to dartmoor before and at the moment I think thinks I'm quite mad!

Anyway, if anyone has any boxes out in those areas they'd like to send me clues for I'd be very grateful - I always update people on the state of box etc when I find them, and I'm a lovely honest boxer! I've only a couple of wom boxes out that I think most people have the clues for, but if you don't more than happy to exchange

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