Dartmoor magazine boxes

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Dartmoor magazine boxes

#1 Post by melsey3 » Sat May 31, 2014 10:23 pm

Hi there, I am new to letterboxing on Dartmoor and have just spent several hours looking at the clue list.
I have spoken to Sylvia Moore already about theses boxes (see title of post), and she explained to me that I needed to look at the front cover of all the Dartmoor Magazines listed, I also sent an email to Dartmoor magazine, but they explained that many of the magazines listed in the clue list are not available to look at online, and that It would be an idea for me to pop into the office so I can look for myself.

We are only coming down for 4 days in july, so it is not a trip I can really make.

I will be relying heavily on walking from place to place and public transport, but enjoy mapping out where boxes are so that I can work on routes.
I will also be caching at the same time.

I would really appreciate it if somebody could help me with the grid refs for the Dartmoor magazine boxes, and the places I am looking for on the map for them.

So as not to spoikl it for anybody else my Email address is melanie-cox1@sky.com.

Many thanks
Melanie (AKA Bambi and Thumper)

Any help at all will be appreciated.

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#2 Post by Sowerby Streaker » Sun Jun 01, 2014 3:26 pm

Hi, the Dartmoor Magazine stamps are all over the moors, in the middle and to the sides. it would help you in your quest if you said which areas you would hope to visit. You may be severely limited in the ones you could get if you are relying on public transport. I am sure we could ould help you, but you need to specify an area. Plus a lot of the boxes that are listed in the catalogue may now be missing.
Sorry if this sounds depressing, but we are fully aware the Letterbox Thief is amongst us and may even be a member of this forum :evil:

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Dartmoor magazine boxes

#3 Post by melsey3 » Mon Jun 02, 2014 8:09 am

We are staying at Ivybridge, but I am aiming to cover some of the areas around Princetown/tavistock. and the areas around Dartmoor zoo and South Brent.
The children and I can walk about 5-6 miles out, to make a 10-12 mile round trip.

We are walking part of the 2 moors way hopefully.

many thanks.

p.s is there a list of the missing boxes anywhere?

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#4 Post by whoisthechallenger » Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:10 am

Sounds like you're in for a good trip!

Interesting question about missing boxes. Someone unable to find a box does not necessarily mean it's missing of course!

Monthly catalogue updates (available by post or email from Malcolm Allderidge), have a section for boxes reported as missing. If you find one of these boxes, let Malcolm know and he'll re-circulate them. There is also an update section for 'Deletions'. Boxes such as meet stamps, and one-day boxes will appear here, amongst others.

If you get hold of a catalogue, at the back, is a chapter of deletions:

"A list of boxes deleted, taken off by owner, reported missing, or lapsed into disrepair since the last edition of the catalogue."
The short answer to your question is there are many lists, and not all boxes that wander are lost. Hope that helps.
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