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Photo Request

Posted: Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:44 am
by Eugene Tarshis
Hello All,

I feel privileged to be an armchair letterboxer with access to the Forum, a status I hope to change into active virgin letterboxer in future.

At present, as editor of the inflight magazine of All Nippon Airways, Wingspan magazine, I wanted to get in touch with those veteran letterboxers who posted the following 8 photos in the gallery, to ask them whether we can use their photos for our January 2015 issue, in which our main feature concerns Dartmoor and its moors, Conan Doyle's Hound of The Baskervilles, ancient stone circles, and letterboxing:
5 Dizzy_SonAtBonehill.sized, 9 there_s_a_box_here_somewher, 21 first_ammo_box, 22 Andy_Letts.sized, 23 Found_it_Ducks_Pool, 24 Jo_Letts, 25 Now_where_s_the_stamp, and 26 double_ammobox.

I've already contacted our valued Administrator by email about this request, but now that I have access to the Forum, I thought I might try to speak directly to the people above and, at the same time, ask whether anyone has photos of Dartmoor letterboxing that they might wish to share
in our magazine.

Family and friends and pets are welcome subjects of the photos, but in particular, searching and finding and opening the letterbox would be just the sort of content I am hoping to find in a ridiculously short of amount of time.

Wishing you all well in your letterboxing, with praise for holding charity events and continuing this marvelous tradition of an outdoor adventure for family and friends, I remain

Most sincerely yours,

Eugene Tarshis
Editor, Wingspan magazine
not yet virgin letterboxer