The Hairy Feet letterbox

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The Hairy Feet letterbox

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found recently by an acquaintance of mine somewhere near the Bowerman's Nose. It was waterlogged, the lid not having been put back on securely. The stamp was in poor condition; the Visitors' Book even more so.
The Box and contents were taken home, dried out, owner's details becoming just-about legible. All were returned then by post to the owner in Keighley.
The letterbox was an unregistered one.
On a wry note, I add that I very much hope that this box was not one of a themed series or walk! We've all heard of The Hairy Hands. But, the Hairy Feet, and.....?
Let good taste prevail I say!
Or, maybe the owner has a sense of humour as Sectionable as mine. My commiserations if that's the case.
This post was manufactured in a nutty environment.
My good wishes to all, be you hairy, hairless, or something between.
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