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Man Made On The Moor series.

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2020 6:17 pm
by Lost Legionnaire
I placed these six 'MMOTM' stamps on the South Moor eight years ago between Harford Moor Gate, Ducks Pool & the Avon Dam:

1) Spinster's Rock
2) Statt's House
3) The Money Pit
4) Grim's Grave
5) Dunnabridge Pound
6) Fice's Well

For one reason or another I was unable to continue letterboxing, but last week I ventured up to the area to see if they were still on site. I knew exactly where they were as I took photographs and had exact GPS reference points for each one when they were sited. Despite being placed deep into the moor and well hidden all six sites were empty so were probably stolen. Does anybody have any info as to when any of them were last found in situ? If they are still logged in the handbook they will need removing.