SPRING 2022 CHARITY WALKS (Out until end of October 2022)

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SPRING 2022 CHARITY WALKS (Out until end of October 2022)

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SPRING 2022 CHARITY WALKS (Out until end of October 2022)

52642 - 52656 Monarchy Series 5 letterbox walk, in aid of Age UK Plymouth. A family walk of about 3 miles, starting from Barn Hill car park, heading south westerly and southerly to cross the Grimstone & Sortridge Leat to the west of Windy Post, south towards Pew Tor quarry, east in front of Pew Tor, turning north easterly in the direction of Heckwood Tor, then north and west, passing Feather Tor, crossing the leat again, before heading alongside the leat and west back to the car park. The walk consists of 13 walk stamps on the moor, a starter plus bonus stamp with the clue sheet and a thank you stamp (in the Fox Tor cafe, Princetown). The walk will be on site from 31st March 2022 until 31st October 2022. For a clue sheet and starter stamps, please send £2.50 (cheques payable to (AGE UK), plus an SAE, to: Gordon Vickers, 39 Buena Vista Drive, Plymouth, PL6 7JF (01752 705954, [email protected] or to Bev Chapple, 17 Westwood Avenue, Plymouth, PL6 7HS (01752 985322), [email protected].

52709 – 52721 Moor Beer In Aid Of Of Crohns & Colitis.
A charity walk for Crohn's and Colitis UK, East Cornwall & West Devon network, of 2.5 to 3 miles starting from Norsworthy Bridge car park. The route circles Down Tor in a clockwise direction, returning to the same car park. The walk consists of 12 stamps which are all based on local beers brewed in Devon and Cornwall. The walk will be on site from 27th March 2022 until 31st October 2022. For a clue sheet and starter, please send £2.50 (cheques made payable to S Chilcott) plus an SAE, to: Sharon Chilcott, 7 Grosvenor Rd, Plymouth, PL6 5EH.

52739 – 52753 Mind – The Mental Health Charity - Letterbox Walk Summer 2022. Moo-ve for Mind II
I ran the London Marathon in October 2021 and helped the Mind team raise £2M and want to carry on raising money for this wonderful charity Mind – the Mental Health Charity. A walk of about 4.5K around Little Mis Tor consisting of 14 boxes and a Thank You Stamp in aid of Mind – The Mental Health Charity. Suggested parking at Four Winds Car Park. This walk will be on site from 27th March 2022 until the 29th October 2022. Clue sheets are available by sending an S.A.E and a cheque for £2.50, made payable to Ian Pitcher, to Ian Pitcher, Brackendale, Furzehill, Wimborne, BH21 4HD. Any problems/ queries etc please contact me on Tel 01202 848940 or [email protected]

52658 – 52671 Chestnut Appeal Spring 2022 - Churches
This is an Easy approx. 3 Mile walk starting at Leeden Tor car park going to Ingra Tor area and returning to Leeden Tor, plenty of parking at the start of the walk. The walk will be out until October 2022 there are 12 boxes plus a starter stamp and a thank you stamp (in the Old Police Cafe, Princetown). Cost per clue sheet is £2.50. Available at the Meet or from John Lissenden 26 Frobisher Drive Saltash PL12 4PN or by E-Mail [email protected] PHONE 01752 847573

52686 – 52703 Spring Flowers 2022
It will be a circular 3 mile walk in the Staple Tor and Roos Tor Area for 17 boxes plus the starter stamp which is with the clues. The walk costs £3, for a paper copy We can accept a SAE with a Cheque payable to Whitchurch School Association to Leanne Borthwick, 4 Oak Road, Tavistock, PL19 9EZ. I can also receive payment via Paypal for electronic copies, this must be sent as a friends and family payment. Please contact me on [email protected] for the details.

52755 – 52764 Early Farming on Dartmoor Series 8 .
An easy family walk of 3 miles in aid of the PDSA (registered charity 208217) that treats sick and injured animals. Nine detailed stamps. including a starter stamp with clues. The route starts from Yellowmead Car park and follows parallel to the fence up to the end then out on the East flank of Great Mis tor and back passing Little Mis Tor. For a set of clues please send an SAE and a cheque made out to PDSA for £2.50 to 19 Cathedral Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 5JQ. Any problems please contact Steven Trevaskus on 01752 671881 or 07704014538 .Or e mail me at [email protected] . Thank you for your support

52504 – 52522 Staple Tors Charity Walk. (This walk was released Autumn 2021)
A 3 mile walk over the Staple Tors starting at the Rees Jeffreys Car Park near Merrivale. There are 18 boxes to find with stamps depicting various features and history of this part of Dartmoor which can be put into the booklet that contains information about the subject of each stamp. The Bonus stamp is with the clue sheet and booklet. The walk will be out until October 2022. For a clue sheet and booklet please send £3.00 (cheques payable to Berry Pomeroy School PTFA) plus an A5 SAE to: Dave Pressley, 48 Pines Road, Paignton, TQ3 3PE (tel: 07715 411485)
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